Lake Tyers Vic by Les Godfrey



DIMENSIONS (Height - 30.50 cm X Width - 40.50 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Watercolour on Paper
GENRE Seascape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-38941-0139-01
COPYRIGHT © Les Godfrey
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Artist: Les Godfrey


Les Godfrey was born in 1948 in Bournemouth England.  He took up drawing at the age of ten, quickly realising the use of values to create contrast.  In 1959 the family moved to Australia and even at this early age he immediately noticed the intense light, compared to the much softer light of England.  In 1965 he took up the paint brush.  Les is self taught in watercolour and oils, he says an artist should have the ability to draw well and must study the techniques required to create a painting.  The rest comes down to experience, in other words brush miles.

Les is a former member of AGRA (Australian Guild of Realist Artists) and is currently a member of Mt Evelyn & Yarra Valley Art Society Inc and Sherbrooke Art Society Inc.  Living under the shadow of Mt Dandenong and at the edge of the Yarra Valley, Les has an abundance of material close at hand.  He travels extensively within Australia to the outback and beyond.  Painting quick sketches en plein air and taking photos for reference, these are later used for studio paintings.  He says gathering information such as this is vital in capturing the true essence of the subject.  He is passionate about the Australian landscape and its beaches, painting numerous subjects within them, old farm buildings, machinery, vehicles, people and boats.  Les believes painting is about capturing the light and continues to chase that intense light he first noticed in Australia. 

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